Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Dianne Allen

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Dianne Allen

Dianne A. Allen takes her raw experience, education and information and offers exhilarating solutions to life’s challenges. She works as a mentor, author, speaker, podcaster and life catalyst for bright and sensitive people creating exciting and diverse avenues to opening and expanding possibilities of personal transformation.

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Berni Xiong: The Shin Kicking Life Spark.

Berni Xiong is The Shin Kicking Life Spark. She is a Reiki Master, and author of several books including The Year of the Brave Bear, and its paperback companion The Way of the Brave Bear: An Intuitive Guide for Speaking up, Standing Out and Changing Your World. She is a contributing writer for Chicken Soup for the Soul and HuffPost.

Hear Berni’s story of growing up Catholic, getting married and having her son young to becoming burned out at work and finding Reiki as a way to do Self Care. Today she “believes that my mission and my purpose in this lifetime, in this world,  is to make a positive difference in the world, make a positive impact in the world” and that belief is a driving force for her decision’s that she makes about her career and her life.



What I've learned being Catholic for so long and then now being more open to other modalities, spirituality and of energy healing, I think it that all groomed me to be the person I am today and the belief systems I have today. ~ Berni Xiong

I'm constantly trying to improve and transform and learning how to letting go of all that guilt. ~ Berni Xiong

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast- Eric Bensoussan Relationship & Divorce Coach

Eric is a Relationship & Divorce Coach. He is helping people to overcome the emotional challenges of divorce such as pain, anger, hurt and confusion, so that they can move on and start to feel better. He supports people’s healing process to reclaim their Strength, Confidence and Joy.  He believes that you can experience a new way of being yourself through transcending divorce.

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Claire Shamilla Energy Healer

Claire Shamilla is an energy healer who lives in New Zealand with her life partner and their two young children. She believes that Light bringers and healers have a powerful role to play in creating a future for humanity that is free of fear.

Since 2010 she has worked with Universal Realm energies to overcome a lot of fear and anxiety in her own life and she now supports Light Bringers to overcome obstacles and step into their highest purpose and infuse more Light through the world.

Listen to Claire’s amazing journey to healing and spiritual grown. She traveled the world searching for answers and end up back in her homeland of New Zealand. It was her desire to help others, her path into motherhood that she in turn healed herself. She learned Reiki, Psych K, hypnotherapy and other modalities.





“I remember starting that Reiki class I felt like I was like this ancient wizard and I started to reconnect with that little girl who knew magic was real.” ~ Claire Shamilla 

“Children are can be such a motivation for us of propelling us even more strongly towards our spiritual journey” ~ Claire Shamilla 

I really chose at that point, I drew the line in the sand that I'm not raising kids in this fear even if the world falls apart I refused to be in the grips of this fear anymore” ~ Claire Shamilla 

you've realized the fear wasn't a fact, like I need air is a fact right, it became, I have choice here I can live a different way” ~ Leslie Seidel