Spirituality Out Loud Podcast:Amelia Vogler an intuitive, a specialist in energy medicine and natural healing

Amelia Vogler is an intuitive, a specialist in energy medicine and natural healing. She has been working in this field close to 12 years and her practice draws from a variety of energetic and holistic modalities, education in and across the Spiritual sciences, and deep study in natural and earth-based healing methods. Her specialty is supporting those who do not feel connected to the planet. She works with individuals who have suffered traumas that lead to disassociative patterns at the soul level; people who come into the planet not feeling connected to it; or people who don't feel safe with other people or in their own emotional lives. Through the spectrum of her work she walks individuals through a path of wholeness supporting them through "truly being here" and then supporting them in uncovering the gifts that they are here on Earth to live into their lives.




I had this very whimsical childhood filled with music and celebration and opportunity for curiosity and imagination. ~ Amelia Vogler

The language of energy is so universal it takes us beyond the stories of everyday religions it brings us to the core the template the code that which is inspired by something beyond us and allows us to hold it. ~ Amelia Vogler

It's all in the alchemy of what does it mean to know the light in us. ~ Amelia Vogler

I think spirituality is verb. ~ Amelia Vogler

I like to be in balance with the natural unfolding of our knowledge here on the earth plane and then inquiring deeply from that framework from those questions into a more contemplative and meditative practice to be able to tap into spirit and say spirit teach me teach me what else. ~ Amelia Vogler

I think every company should hire an intuitive because they can get you the answers. ~ Amelia Vogler

Signs of offness are really lovely wisdoms that say you're not in the right place. ~ Amelia Vogler