Spirituality Out Loud Podcast- Eric Bensoussan Relationship & Divorce Coach

Eric is a Relationship & Divorce Coach. He is helping people to overcome the emotional challenges of divorce such as pain, anger, hurt and confusion, so that they can move on and start to feel better. He supports people’s healing process to reclaim their Strength, Confidence and Joy.  He believes that you can experience a new way of being yourself through transcending divorce.

Hear Eric’s journey as he was born in Morocco in a Jewish family, with the experience of God, an inner knowing, then as he grew up he lost that connection. During this 20s and early 30’s being atheist and believing that there was no God, to getting to a place where he started to question his own beliefs and started looking for his own answers.


“I grew up with the presence of God and for me there was no doubt that there was a there was God somewhere I didn't know really what it means at that time” ~ Eric Bensoussan

 “I was praying it was very natural to me, I didn't know where it was coming from … it was just natural I knew that there was something else, that I could have support”  ~ Eric Bensoussan

I just started to be curious more about what is it to be spiritual and I was seeking people who were spiritual to get a sense of what was their experience.” ~ Eric Bensoussan

 “At some point you have to allow yourself to forgive, for whatever didn't work in your life and you just have to seek for the learning, for the teachings, about what you went through and then you can get more guidance from life, more guidance from the universe or God whatever is your belief” ~ Eric Bensoussan

“I am more spiritual being having a human experience this is it and whatever the religion you have you just have to find the connection with the divine” ~ Eric Bensoussan

“What I seek in my life right now is whatever is sacred” ~ Eric Bensoussan

“When you start hearing like the whispers of the of the wisdom the whisper of the of the divine presence you get you pay more attention and don't get me wrong sometimes I really feel disconnected from that so it's a practice” ~ Eric Bensoussan

“The universe will throw you a lot of opportunities in your lives but it's your choice to take them or not” ~ Eric Bensoussan

“Being on a spiritual path is not yes suddenly you get it and then nothing else. Even the big gurus, the big teachers, they are still on a spiritual path. Until you die you have to practice.” ~ Eric Bensoussan

 “Spirituality is so powerful, you get to have a sense that this is not only a path this is a way of living” ~ Eric Bensoussan

“I realized that there is no actually separation between me and the Devine.”  ~ Eric Bensoussan

“There is no right or wrong path to connecting to the divine or the universe you just have to find your own path” ~ Eric Bensoussan

“when bad things happened to me I still resist about it, but as I recall my spirituality and my inner guidance I know that something's going to come back from that” ~ Eric Bensoussan

"I live my life on a daily practice and I do honor the present moment. That's where am I in my spiritual practice right now, I do Honor being present, being present for myself, being present for my friends, for my family, and not being distracted by anything else.”  ~ Eric Bensoussan

“it is beautiful and frustrating that repeatedly the answer is surrender and forgiveness” ~Leslie Seidel

“There is what happens and then what I think about what happens” ~Leslie Seidel

“Welcome to your Practice” ~Leslie Seidel

"Our spiritual life is a practical thing not something left for Saturday or Sunday or a special confinement but actually a practical tool to navigate the world" ~ Leslie Seidel