SOL Ep #023 Jason Stein LAc

SOL Ep #023 Jason Stein LAc

Jason Stein, LAc has combined over 20 years of experience in the fields of Medicine, Coaching, and Training. Some of his favorite projects have included building an integrative medicine model in a western hospital, teaching Meditation in the Workplace to corporations, and becoming the Chair of Professional Development at the top Acupuncture school in the nation

SOL Ep #18 Calvin Chen

Calvin Chen has a degree in Bioinformatics and worked at a Genomics institute, and NASA. In the middle of a successful career decided to become a Coach and worked with Tony Robbins before starting his own practice. Today we get to hear how this 1st generation immigrant goes along the path in his own spiritual life.

He was born to Chinese immigrants from a war-torn Vietnam, in Los Angeles in 1983. His childhood was all about survival, opportunities, and the pressure for excellence. Some would call it tiger parenting, but for him growing up, that was just life. From every school subject, to Tae Kwon Do, to (even) rapping... he got good at being good at things! Except happiness. That mystery eluded him until his late twenties.

Calvin is a coach now, but in my previous life, He was a math and science guy, he got a degree in Bioinformatics from UC San Diego, and worked a Genomics Institute. He even worked at NASA for a bit. And then, he got the bright idea to become an entrepreneur instead.  He went from that profession to eventually, life and business coaching, working for the Anthony Robbins Company. He started his own coaching practice 4 years ago.

As a coach, he helps his clients to get more out of themselves, others, and life. Practically speaking, that has meant breakthroughs in revenue, first round knockouts in the UFC, high performing teams and better leadership, re-invigorated relationships, and a deeper sense of personal freedom/well-being.

Ultimately, he wants to contribute to a world where more people are successful, happy, and having a positive impact ... because that's what flourishing is all about!

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SOL Ep #015 Indigo Ocean Dutton Author and the Principal Consultant at Awaken Business Consulting

SOL Ep #015 Indigo Ocean Dutton Author and the Principal Consultant at Awaken Business Consulting

Indigo Ocean Dutton is the author of Being Bliss and Micro Habits for Major Happiness. She is also the principal consultant at Awaken Business Consulting, where she helps clients tap into their intuitive guidance system and combine that clarity with practical business methodology to develop profitable businesses that fulfill both personal and financial aims.

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Dianne Allen

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Dianne Allen

Dianne A. Allen takes her raw experience, education and information and offers exhilarating solutions to life’s challenges. She works as a mentor, author, speaker, podcaster and life catalyst for bright and sensitive people creating exciting and diverse avenues to opening and expanding possibilities of personal transformation.

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Mark Silver

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Mark Silver

Mark Silver is a recognized master teacher in his Sufi lineage, and has earned his Masters of Divinity. He is also the founder and leads the team at Heart of Business, and since 2001 they've helped thousands of small business owners develop their small business in this dysfunctional economy, while striving to live the truth that every act of business can be an act of love. He lives in central New York with his wife and twin sons.

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Berni Xiong: The Shin Kicking Life Spark.

Berni Xiong is The Shin Kicking Life Spark. She is a Reiki Master, and author of several books including The Year of the Brave Bear, and its paperback companion The Way of the Brave Bear: An Intuitive Guide for Speaking up, Standing Out and Changing Your World. She is a contributing writer for Chicken Soup for the Soul and HuffPost.

Hear Berni’s story of growing up Catholic, getting married and having her son young to becoming burned out at work and finding Reiki as a way to do Self Care. Today she “believes that my mission and my purpose in this lifetime, in this world,  is to make a positive difference in the world, make a positive impact in the world” and that belief is a driving force for her decision’s that she makes about her career and her life.


What I've learned being Catholic for so long and then now being more open to other modalities, spirituality and of energy healing, I think it that all groomed me to be the person I am today and the belief systems I have today. ~ Berni Xiong

I'm constantly trying to improve and transform and learning how to letting go of all that guilt. ~ Berni Xiong

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast: Peter Rubin ~ Business Midwife

Peter Rubin is known as Your Business Midwife. He guides his clients on authentic journeys of inner growth and the creation of visionary businesses that stand out in the marketplace, contribute to communities, and generate a healthy profit. Coaches, spiritual healers, sexuality teachers, social justice activists, and other visionary leaders turn to Peter for compassionate and brilliant guidance that unites strategy and soul.

Join us on hearing Peter’s story. Coming from being valedictorian of his class and a grad student at Stanford with no real feeling of connection to Spiritual life to going to 5 day silent meditation retreats and exploring sexuality and mindfulness. Hear how Peter has systematically went through his life and looked at it with a spiritual bend.

Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life by Thich Nhat Hanh

After the Ecstasy the Laundry: How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path by Jack Kornfield


I probably had a half dozen, mini awakenings, maybe more. These little awakenings are some part of me that was asleep wakes up and I'm able to see a little bit deeper into myself for a new realm or something comes online that was numbed out or shut down. ~ Peter Rubin

I find my curiosity gets me into things and then my courage gets me out of it. ~Peter Rubin

I could finally integrate my sense of ethics and spirituality with the way I was doing business ~ Peter Rubin

I'm teaching how to know soul and strategy, how do you stay connected to your soul and your heart sense of what's right and what's wrong … and then how do you integrate all of your business practices, your curriculum, your marketing, or selling with who you are and who you want to be. ~ Peter Rubin

It feels like we're in this awkward space between capitalism and what's next ~Peter Rubin

God grant me the appropriate challenges, please may my life not be too easy or so hard that I go into panic and can't learn the courage. Tibetan Buddhist prayer

Spirituality Out Loud Podcast:Amelia Vogler an intuitive, a specialist in energy medicine and natural healing

Amelia Vogler is an intuitive, a specialist in energy medicine and natural healing. She has been working in this field close to 12 years and her practice draws from a variety of energetic and holistic modalities, education in and across the Spiritual sciences, and deep study in natural and earth-based healing methods. Her specialty is supporting those who do not feel connected to the planet. She works with individuals who have suffered traumas that lead to disassociative patterns at the soul level; people who come into the planet not feeling connected to it; or people who don't feel safe with other people or in their own emotional lives. Through the spectrum of her work she walks individuals through a path of wholeness supporting them through "truly being here" and then supporting them in uncovering the gifts that they are here on Earth to live into their lives.


I had this very whimsical childhood filled with music and celebration and opportunity for curiosity and imagination. ~ Amelia Vogler

The language of energy is so universal it takes us beyond the stories of everyday religions it brings us to the core the template the code that which is inspired by something beyond us and allows us to hold it. ~ Amelia Vogler

It's all in the alchemy of what does it mean to know the light in us. ~ Amelia Vogler

I think spirituality is verb. ~ Amelia Vogler

I like to be in balance with the natural unfolding of our knowledge here on the earth plane and then inquiring deeply from that framework from those questions into a more contemplative and meditative practice to be able to tap into spirit and say spirit teach me teach me what else. ~ Amelia Vogler

I think every company should hire an intuitive because they can get you the answers. ~ Amelia Vogler

Signs of offness are really lovely wisdoms that say you're not in the right place. ~ Amelia Vogler