In relationships, I give you the handbook on how to get the confidence to go after what you want, know your worth and the exact strategies how to get there!


Relationship to Romance or Coupling

The idea that you just "haven't met the right one" is, to be frank, bullsh$$.

"I haven't been ready."
"I have not been vulnerable enough."
"There are no good men out there."

The work in this area is two-fold: 1) the practical piece...simply where you might meet someone, where you begin a relationship, how to find people that want the same life that you do and 2) more important, but more nebulous, is the spiritual or emotional reasons you don't currently have the relationship you want. You may already know the walls and old beliefs that are keeping you from getting the relationship you want, or perhaps we need to discover those. Together we will uncover what has not been working for you, and break through the barriers that are keeping you from having a relationship at all. 

Whether you haven’t had a date in YEARS or you have been dating up a storm but can’t seem to settle down. I got you! I have helped thousands of women just like you get the EXACT relationship that they have been craving! Schedule a call with me TODAY!


Relationship to Career 

Are you in a toxic relationship at work? Do you have an oppressive or toxic boss? Are you overworked and underemployed? Do you feel trapped?

Our work life is often a reflection of our family life, and it tends to get played out in nearly all of life's arenas. You might've taken the job you thought you wanted, or the one you were supposed to have. Now you're 10 years in, making good money, but have no joy in it. I don't know if you need to switch jobs or not, but we can find out what is keeping you from having the career you want.

If you happen to be a person whose passions and skill-set meet in such a way that you can have those fulfilled inside your career, then great. But that's not everybody. You don't always need to look at your job as the provider of your satisfaction. There's dialogue out in the ethos that says this is the purpose of 'career'. Maybe all you really need is a job that pays the bills and supports your non-work life. People who work with me are either in a toxic relationship with their boss/job or in need of boundaries or balance. Work is security. It's terrifying to set boundaries around what you feel is the source of your very livelihood. But it can be done!


Relationship to Life

Here's the deal: Have you hit 'happily ever after' yet you're not?

You got married, you had kids, you have a good job. You have all the makings to be totally happy, and for whatever reason, you're not. And you're not sure why you aren't happy, because you 'should be'. Some people call this a mid-life crisis; I call it the process of growing up.

We were promised joy, influence, and happiness if we were able to follow 'the usual process', but how many of the choices we actually made were conscious? I was so busy getting married, moving up the corporate ladder, making sure the bills were paid, and the kids were fed that I didn't always get to make real 'choices'.

You don't have to blow up your life. You don't have to get divorced or change careers, you just have to become more conscious.

Let's uncover your conscious path.