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Learn my exact, step-by-step process that has my clients attracting wonderful men anytime they want (yes, even you!). You CAN have your choice of trustworthy, interesting, attractive men —even meet and marrying the man of your dreams. It IS possible.


Go from Single to Soulmate in just 6 weeks. Seriously.


  • wonder why you keep attracting the same type of man?

  • have a hard time letting go of a past relationship?

  • Suck at creating healthy boundaries?

  • Stay in relationships you know don't work?

  • want to be in a relationship but struggle to find quality men?

  • have horrible luck when it comes to men?



  • learn new habits to attract the right kind of man?

  • learn how to be free of past behaviors?

  • know when it is safe to open up?

  • see the “red” flags early on and listen to them?

  • finally realize why you date the same men over and over again?

  • get clear on EXACTLY what you want in a relationship?

  • learn how to attract quality men everywhere you go effortlessly?

Why I'm good at what I do:
 A whopping15 years Relationship Coaching hundreds of women just like you-- plus my own successful marriage!


Come and join me in a super supportive group program and learn how to:

Date and meet men easily and effortlessly.

Understand how to attract men so you they ask YOU out.

Know right away when you meet a man if he’s right for you.

Remove the fears and old beliefs that are blocking you from the relationship of your dreams.

Get clear on EXACTLY what you want in a life partner.



You'll be added to a private FB group with in-depth exercises, real homework, and video trainings straight from my to you. The work will take heart and time (~10-15 minutes daily) and wonderful women who are walking this path with you will be there to support, ask questions, and share in the story with you! You'll also get specific comments, feedback, and direction from me as you go. I'm deeply invested in my 'Ladies of the Manifest'! ;)


Only $349
Other perks!

A Field Guide to online dating: Online dating isn’t for everyone but instead of wading through the sea of options out there, I have created an easy reference guide for you to find the website and app that is right for YOU! At your price point and with your type of man there!

30 minutes with Samantha Moss: Online dating copywriting specialist Samantha Moss provides confidential, behind-the-scenes wordsmithing to private clients. From creating a dating profile that gets the right kind of attention to writing email responses to people who interest you, she helps you frame your words in a way that’s clear, compelling and authentic.


From Women Like You

"Before I signed up for the Manifesting Your Ideal Partner course, I’d been single for five years. I’d completely shut myself off from dating and made no attempts to engage with men outside of friends and co-workers. I’d had a few less than ideal relationships and I was no longer interested in dealing with the headache that would inevitably accompany a new relationship. Thankfully, I found Leslie’s course and immediately decided this would be a step closer to finding a conscious man that I would eventually marry."
"The private group showed me that I am not the only person going through this! The support and encouragement from the other participants was such a breath of fresh air! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with dating or finding their perfect match."
"I had several ahh moments during this course. Leslie asked the questions I needed to answer to get clear on my idea partner and also understand past patterns. Clarity is power and I feel more empowered after this workshop. I never felt judged. Leslie wants you to discover who you are so you can show up for the man who is right for you. Leslie is more concerned with your long term happiness than short term. I am no longer interested in being anything other than me. Thank you for being a part of my journey, Leslie."

I have only 10 spots available for my
VIP Manifest Your Ideal Partner Group program.

Some of you may want some more personal attention! Not only will you get all of the support that is in the Group program but you also get 2 1-hour 1:1 sessions with me. This alone is valued at $500.

This VIP Manifest Your Ideal Partner package is Only $499.00. There are only 10 spots so grab them while you can!


Today you CAN choose to believe in love and honor the fact that YOU ARE WORTHY of all the love you have ever dreamed of. 

Now's your chance to get feedback from a leading Relationship Expert who will walk you step by step through changes to get you from Lonely to Relationship. Click below to sign up, and I'll send you a way to pay and reserve your spot. I'll connect with you to add you to the new Facebook group.

We start February 20th, 2017, and this could be your LAST Valentine’s day alone!

Sneak peek: Manifesting Group Outline

Week 1: Getting your mindset in order. You are having the relationships that you believe you deserve. The first place to start to change your relationships is with yourself and your Beliefs. We will spend time creating a personal Romance Mindset practice including, your beliefs, your desires and getting grounded in Spirit!

Week 2: Getting clear on your Ideal partner. You can’t have what you don’t know you want! Knowing exactly what you are looking for and what you desire is essential to getting the relationship of your dreams. Don’t leave anything to chance! We will SHOOT for the MOON. Get clear on what is important to you and what isn’t!

Week 3: is all about you! Who are you? Getting clear on all of the wonderful things about yourself that makes YOU datable and wonderful. So many of us have a hard time dating because of low self-esteem. We are going to END that this week!

Week 4: Stop repeating Old Habits. This week we focus on EXACTLY how to stop repeating old habits and how to create new ones. NO more dating the same man time and time again!

Week 5: Where O’ Where are all the Good Men? I will show you exactly where all the wonderful quality men are and how to get their attention! We will go over where men are that are perfect fits for YOU!

Week 6: Getting together an arsenal of tools! This week I want to give you some tools to go forward and meet those men! Not only how to get men to ask you out, but also how to get comfortable going on dates and talking to men you have never met before, and the whole time having them think you are the most interesting person they have ever met!