Relationship to Life

Here's the deal: Have you hit 'happily ever after' yet you're not?

You got married, you had kids, you have a good job. You have all the makings to be totally happy, and for whatever reason, you're not. And you're not sure why you aren't happy, because you 'should be'. Some people call this a mid-life crisis; I call it the process of growing up.

We were promised joy, influence, and happiness if we were able to follow 'the usual process', but how many of the choices we actually made were conscious? I was so busy getting married, moving up the corporate ladder, making sure the bills were paid, and the kids were fed that I didn't always get to make real 'choices'.

You don't have to blow up your life. You don't have to get divorced or change careers, you just have to become more conscious.

Let's uncover your conscious path.