Based on a true story...

There is something important you need to know! You have the power to change your past. Yep, that’s right! You can change the way that you see the past. I was watching a movie and the beginning said

“Based on a true story” 

Right then I knew that while some of the things that are going to happen actually happened…they were going to dramatize the actual events.

Then it hit me

All of our memories should have this caveat...that our memories are not factual but based on a true story.


Can you relate?

Do you have any examples?

Why your Vision board isn't working

WHY YOUR VISION BOARD ISN’T WORKING So many of us have created vision boards- It’s fun, you get some girlfriends together, go through all the fun magazines, cutting out pictures of flowers, vacations in Hawaii, huge mansions and hunky guys. Who doesn’t love that?

Then months go by and…crickets, nothing, nada. You are no closer to what you want and the things on that board that are now mocking you. Here is the secret…are you listening?

You need to TAKE ACTION! Of course it is great to know what you want and where you want to go. It is incredibly important. BUT-if you don’t know exactly what actions to take to get there. NOTHING WILL CHANGE

If you are feeling stuck, have big dreams and don’t know how to get there. It is time to learn how to get out of your comfort zone, and start to take different actions. For me it was about how to learn to take divine intuitive actions. And that takes practice and help!

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Letting Go

LETTING GO: a parable

What if, just what if...
>I never find another man
>I am alone forever?
>there is something Seriously wrong with me?

When things happen that we don't want to happen it is so easy to only go to all the negative ways this is going to affect our lives. It can take some effort to change that thinking.

If we are going to make stuff up, why not make up good stuff?
What if..
>that was the last man to break up with me?
>I will now be happier than I ever imagined?
>I am about to meet the man of my dreams?

It is time to take control over how you are thinking. Our thoughts become our actions, our actions become our life.

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Spirituality and Dating

Spirituality and dating is something that I work closely with my clients. It can be really confusing what is your 1% and what we are supposed to allow the Universe to do for us. Where are you pushing what you want and where are you trusting the process of Spirit?

I did this Training, to help you to understand how to use your faith as a guidepost while navigating the dating waters! 



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How to be single and THRIVE over the holiday's

I hope all is well with everyone! I know that the holidays can be a stressful time if you are with someone and if you are single. I did a quick talk about things you can do to help support yourself during the holidays!

::: If you are dreading the “are you dating anyone” question -then come prepared. Have some answers already in your pocket so that they roll off the tongue. WHY Yes I am currently dating myself until someone Wonderful comes along and it is going fabulous. How are you?

::: If you think you are the only person who is alone Guess what… you are not! Look at how many amazing single women are around you!

::: Really look around and see how many people are in relationships you DON’T want. I know that we can get tunnel vision and start to see only happy healthy couples…but there are many out there who have what I DON’T want- one of my clients just sent me a list of several people who are in this category.

I want to be clear, these things that you are doing and learning, they are going to serve you in your coming relationship. These are muscles you will need so let’s get them NOW!!

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Rejection is Protection!

So many of us fear rejection so much that we will do almost anything to not have to experience it. Both hearing someone say No to us as well as having to say No to others. Almost all of my clients have this issue. In this video I talk about how to change your Perception of being rejected as well as learning how to say No easily and effortlessly!

Remember Spirit has 3 answers for you, YES, Not yet, and I have something better for you!

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