5 Reasons You're Not In the Relationship of Your Dreams

(and how to change that.)

Whether you've walked the tumultuous path of many relationships that never worked out, you feel incessantly friend-zoned, or you're pretty sure your online dating profiles are now just a practice in rejection--I can help. 

This short little article will help being to break down the barriers and self-perceptions of how truly datable (and lovable and marry-able) you really are. Commitment and soul-coupling can happen for everyone and that, of course, includes you.

Coach Leslie Seidel

Through over 15 years of work with women in personal coaching, counseling, and my own relational triumphs (and many, many failures), I've learned a few foundational truths. One of these is that we're all meant to be happy (YES, this means you too), and that we're often the ones keeping ourselves from having it.

I've worked with people in relationships and jobs they hate and helped move them into ones they LOVE. Marriages, successful careers, long-term goals, healing from past hurts, renewed joy in being yourself---I've seen so many people finally get what they've been searching for. If you're tired of being alone, I get it, but you don't have to stay alone.


"I am happily married to a nice man who adores me, something I never thought would be possible given my dating history. I am forever grateful for Leslie's help and guidance! " 

~Liz G., Kansas City, MO


Free Dating Assessment

If you're feeling like jumping a couple hurdles all at once and chatting with me over the phone, I'm ready for you. I've got free Dating Assessment call carved out of my schedule with your name on it. Sign up below and let me help you find what you're looking for. Again, its totally, 1000% free with no strings attached, no contract to sign. Literally just a phone between us to see if we like each other.

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