The universe wants us to experience love, be in relationship and be happy, but we've built up barriers that keep us from those gifts.” – Leslie Seidel

There are moments in life that are extremely hard and we all need help. If you find yourself having the same relationship over and over again, it's time to break free of these old patterns.

Working with me happens on two different levels: 1) the practical, step-by-step, strategic and 2) identifying the emotional, mental, spiritual barriers that keep you from getting the epic love you desire. 


It is my mission in life to empower women who struggle with insecurities, fear, guilt, and loneliness so that they can have the confidence -to bring out their inner goddess and feel sexy again.

Let's break free together.



This is a very pivotal point for you. This is where you can reach out for more. Better yet, reach out for the life that was always supposed to be yours.


I have an amazing Private Facebook Group that is for Women only who are Single and Sick of it. It is a place to come together and get support and there are lots of free training's! Join us @Spiritual Journey To Your Soulmate! It's fun and FREE!


"She is a great listener and she is able to read 'between the lines.' Working with Leslie has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. You'll be in great hands if you decide to work with her."

- Robin K, San Fransisco, CA

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